Birthday gift

A doctor who has everything!


Today's gift quandary comes from Jan who each year finds it hard to find something unique for a birthday gift for her boss who happens to be a doctor:

"In the past the girls and I from work always have to really think hard about what to buy our boss for his birthday, I mean he's a Doctor, so he has just everything he wants. For his last birthday he got wine, chocolates and theatre tickets, and he seemed to be happy with them." Jan, Mackay

But if you are like Jan, then each year you usually want to get something a little different, even if the last gift went down well! And I have to agree, who wouldn't be happy with wine, chocolate and theatre tickets?

So what to do? Bearing in mind that Jan shares the cost of the gift with the other people at her work, so this is a great opportunity to pull together and get something that you might not be able to afford on your own.

The first thing that comes to mind is a beautiful pen. If there is one thing that stands out to me about office professionals, it is usually what they write with. While in Brisbane I visited one of the most beautiful shops I have ever seen, The Pen Shoppe. Here is one gorgeous collection of writing implements that are for all budgets - ranging from the regular ol' Bic to the "Stars of Egypt", a sterling silver handcrafted fountain pen with matching inkwell and timber case (for a mere $4,595).

Ok, so Jan and her colleagues may not want to be in debt for the rest of their working careers to purchase such a pen, but their range is impressive. Fountain and ball point pens are available and they even have the refills.

The next option for a present for Jan's boss is to order some custom made cupcakes from Clare at Cupcake Caboodle who would create some delicious themed cupcakes and deliver to your workplace. Clare can create just about anything on top of cupcakes and she even has different flavours to choose from.

Finally a third option is a glass/crystal name plate for the office. Choose between a desk plate or one that can be mounted on the door or wall, this is another great gift for an office professional which can be ordered through most trophy houses.

Well Jan, I hope this has given you some unique ideas for your boss' birthday!


anniversary gift

First anniversary gift...


"Have you got a great gift idea for my first anniversary? The traditional first anniversary gift is paper and the concert tickets that I wanted to get him have sold out. Do you have any unique gift ideas?" Rhianna*

It is such a shame about the concert tickets, but what about movie tickets? Together you can still enjoy a nice evening and maybe dinner afterwards.

I also noticed that you said that the "traditional first anniversary gift is paper". Did you know that the modern equivalent is a clock? Thinking along this line maybe he needs a new watch or a clock for his office/workshop/bedroom?

*Name changed for privacy

Feedback from Clare's gift recipient


Just thought I would share with you Clare's feedback I received not long ago:

"Hi there Kirsty!Anne loved her gift!!! It arrived in Melbourne on Friday, and told me how elegant it looked! When I told her you were a local lady she was very impressed! So thanks very much!" Clare, Rural View

Lots of exclamation marks are always a good sign, I say! :)


Birthday gift

Clare's quandary


Clare contacted me not so long ago about a gift for her friend located in Melbourne:

"Help! A very good friend of mine is having a birthday soon and I need a gift... As she is watching what she eats I don't want to get chocolates and she has sensitive skin, so would like to avoid beauty products. As a Mother of three she really deserves something nice, so any help you could provide would be great!" Clare, Rural View

Ok, so a couple of things came to mind straight away for gift ideas.

Firstly Wheelie Designs are a funky new company that are designing wheelie bin stickers for those hard to buy for people. They come in so many different designs and you can even custom make them! They package the stickers in cool tubes ready for postage Australia-wide and are easy to apply to your clean wheelie bin... Price range is about $45 postage included and can be ordered through Hamperific.

Secondly I suggested that as Clare's friend lives in Melbourne maybe she could purchase a gift card from Gold Class Cinemas at the Crown Casino. Here you can watch the movie of your choice while having a meal, a couple of drinks and all while chilling out in the nice cinema chairs. Prices for gift cards start at $30 and go up to $150.

The third option was a set of salad servers - and not just any old salad servers either! Available from Hamperific these servers have exquisitely beaded handles and can be custom ordered in a variety of colours. Each set is packaged in a box and wrapped with ribbons and comes complete with a card for the special occasion. Including postage to Melbourne the set is valued at $50.

After receiving the three options Clare decided that she would like to treat her friend to the salad servers. Wrapped in cellophane for protection on the journey they were sent off and received in approximately 4 days. So what was the verdict? Find out in the next post where we hear Clare's feedback....

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