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Gift ideas for Dad's 65th birthday...


"Ok, any suggestions for my Dad!!! Age 65, has everything!!! Doesn't fish, sport, drink, has travelled overseas, is active in his church, still works, is fit, learns poetry and funny rhymes and a book is not an options as he is an tutor and reads up to 150 books in a year!! So, is this a challenge?" Clare, Mackay

I recently read on someone’s blog that 65 is the new 45 and by the sounds of your Dad, this could be right!! So, taking into consideration what you have told me here are a few ideas:

Firstly, how about a picture of your Dad with your family enlarged and printed onto a canvas for a personalized work of art. Officeworks and Harvey Norman offer this service starting from just $45 for a 12” x 12” canvas.

Understandably as a tutor he loves reading and so a book may not be an option. Keeping along the theme of reading though you might consider a magazine subscription to a publication like Good Reading Magazine. This is a great, easy reading magazine for when you want to read something but not commit to reading an entire book – or are sick of reading them!

For something to tickle his poetry side why not try a birthday experience and shout him a weekend in Yeppoon which includes accommodation and a Poetry Workshop with Australian Poetry Slam 09. You could present this gift as a “redeemable voucher” in a beautiful handmade card.

Another option is a gorgeous writing pen. The Pen Shoppe in Brisbane has some divine pens available to purchase. They do have some luxury pens that are out of most people's price range, but there are some well priced options as well. You can take this gift one step further and have it engraved, depending on the style of the pen.

Did any of these options tickle your fancy? Can you guess which one Clare opted for? Have a guess and I will post the answer later this week!

flower meanings

How to show appreciation with flowers


Today's quandary is from Matthew:

“My friend (of about 1 year) is giving a performance this weekend. We are not romantically involved but I am looking to show my appreciation after the show with flowers. She has an amazing voice and I'm sure will be awesome, but I am unsure of what flowers to give.” Matthew

Two things jumped out at me after reading Matthew’s message. Firstly that he wants to show his admiration for the performance and secondly that him and his friend are not romantically involved.

Different flowers have very different meanings which is fascinating. The most famous of all would probably have to be red roses, which is renowned to demonstrate passion and a deep felt love, but did you know that they can represent courage and respect?

Yellow roses typically suggests friendship, while pink roses say grace and perfect happiness.

Sunflowers indicate adoration, pride and sunshine while Marigolds apparently suggest cruelty and grief. And to think those pretty, bold colours would represent such pain!

So what does Matthew do? If he would like to follow the traditional meanings of flowers then I would suggest a bunch of white lilies (Lily of the Valley) which says sweetness, humility and return of happiness.

Another possibility is one of my all time favourites which is the Iris that suggests valor, faith, wisdom and “My Compliments”.

On the other hand, some people like particular flowers for their scent, colour and shape and there are no rules about following tradition, so a mixed bunch of flowers within Matthew’s price range would also be appreciated.

You can check out Ready Flowers Australia’s guide for the meaning of flowers and see what your favourite means. Let me know in the comment section below!

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