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Getting it right - the all important 1st anniversary gift


Today we are looking at the 1st wedding anniversary which is exciting for couples celebrating this milestone. First of all, congratulations! You have survived your first year of marriage and are hopefully looking to celebrate it with great meaning and love.

Traditional 1st anniversary gift
Traditionally the 1st wedding anniversary is celebrated with paper and to be honest that probably doesn’t sound that interesting or exciting.
One young lass I know of received a fluffy, fluro coloured notebook for her first wedding anniversary and to say that she was not pleased would be an understatement. Now, while I can see that perhaps the groom discovered that the anniversary gift was paper and that this might fit the “criteria”, it isn’t perhaps the most thoughtful and loving gift he could have come up with.

So, what is a more appropriate and exciting gift?
Gift vouchers are a perfect example of a gift that is paper-based. A voucher to the local day spa for some pampering or even to her favourite clothing/lingerie/jewelry shop is worth consideration.
Tickets to the theatre or movies are also popular and something that you can enjoy together.
If you are of the creative mind, custom make your own voucher for a dinner date to your partner’s favourite restaurant and present it in a card.
Thinking a little bit more laterally indulge in a photo shoot for the both of you to mark your special occasion. Present the voucher for the pre-booked photo session in a card (handmade or store bought) and go one step further by getting one of the prints enlarged and framed for your memory wall.

Modern 1st anniversary gift
If paper really doesn’t tickle your fancy you might be happy to know that the modern equivalent for the 1st anniversary is a clock. Does your beloved need a new clock for their shed/office/bedroom?
There are some phenomenal "funky clocks" available to suit almost every personality type and d├ęcor. It might be a challenge deciding on just one.
So your nearest and dearest doesn’t need a wall clock… a watch perhaps? Casual or dress, funky or classic check out the jewelers for a massive range or if you can’t find something you like there, try online at Just Watches. Here they are offering free delivery Australia wide.

1st anniversary flowers
Finally flowers. Each anniversary year has a dedicated flower and for the 1st it is orange blossom.
Orange blossom may not be readily available in your area, but you might like to consider products that use orange blossom such as those from Jo Malone. Cologne, bath oil, hand treatments and candles – divine!

What is the best/worst 1st anniversary gift you have ever given/received?

Do you prefer traditional ideas, modern or a mix of both?
*This post has been updated an original article.

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