Great new gift idea from Vinturi


Need a great gift idea for Dad on Father’s Day? Or maybe an anniversary is coming up and gift ideas have you stumped... How about trying a wine aerator from Vinturi?

A little while ago I was approached to road test a brand new product available in Australia, the Vinturi Wine Aerator. I gladly accepted the offer even though I don’t actually drink wine!

After it was promptly sent to me I asked two of my closest and dearest if they would be interested in being the guinea pigs and try it out.... Apparently any excuse to crack a bottle of red is a good one!

So I set up the experiment – one bottle of wine and two glasses. One glass would simply feature the wine out of the bottle, the other would be poured through the sexy Vinturi Wine Aerator and the subject would test both samples and tell me if they noticed any differences.

I provided no background as to what results were expected from the aerator and their feedback was interesting. Both test subjects believed that the wine that had been poured straight out of the bottle had been put through the aerator because it was lighter in taste. Neither considered that putting air into the wine would in fact deepen the flavour.

I was very happy to respond by telling them that the other glass, the more flavoursome and fuller tasting wine was actually poured through the aerator which had proved itself as being a great little asset. Both guinea pigs were impressed that just by pouring the wine though the aerator it could produce a better flavour.

This little invention is a great gift idea for those wine buffs and people who like drinking a great tasting red wine. It is easy to use and small enough to store and needs no assembling, in fact ours has taken up permanent residence on our kitchen bench.
The Vinturi Wine Aerator has passed the test in our household and I would happily recommend it to others as a unique and useful gift idea. Available from Myer and Wheel and Barrow stores nationally, or to buy online visit Priced at around $65 it is a great gadget that is useful and portable too!


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