2nd anniversary gift ideas


The traditional 2nd anniversary theme is cotton. Ironically most material things today are commonly made of cotton and polyester or other synthetic threads where once upon a time they were almost certainly made of 100% cotton.

So what to get if considering a gift of cotton?
If you are considering purchasing a set of Egyptian cotton bed sheets then I say consider this idea a little further. While Egyptian cotton sheets are certainly a luxury, what sort of a message are you sending your beloved for your anniversary – think washing and domestic chores!

Check out the online store at Peter Alexander (or visit in person). Peter has quite a range of cotton pyjama including these gorgeous tropical print shorts that are very on trend at the moment.
Thinking laterally, a voucher from Cotton On might also be an option where they can choose their own gift (including pyjamas!).

A romantic weekend away
If you happen to be around the Sunshine Coast area, a weekend away at the Cotton Tree Holiday Park might be on the cards. The park offers various types of accommodation including powered caravan sites, unpowered camp sites, villas and a beach house. 

China and all things fine
The modern theme for the 2nd anniversary is China. Many couples may have received dinner sets as part of their bridal registry or as wedding gifts, but if not then check out the 5 pages of styles at Victoria’s Basement. Their delivery prices were very reasonable and with the variety of styles there is likely to be one that catches your eye!
Maxwell and Williams also offer a comprehensive range of dinner sets as well and might be worth checking out.
My personal favourite is the Wedgewood set available from Peter of Kensington – nothing says classy like white and gold!
There are many women out there (like myself) who love to cook and entertain and so a dinner set may go down well. If on the other hand your bride is not so keen in the kitchen then steer away from things (like dinner sets) that remind her of more work.

Flower traditions
Daisy is the flower of choice for this anniversary and may not be so common as they once were. But did you know that the Gerbera is also known as the Barberton Daisy? A bunch of these colourful flowers will surely set the mood. Most florists stock Gerberas as they are apparently the 5th most used cut flower!

And just to complete the botanical lesson on Gerberas, they aren’t actually of the Daisy family, but are closely related to the Sunflower.

Ok, so at the end of this you may have decided that none of these options suit your darling husband or wife. If you are still struggling for a gift then think a bit more laterally. Anything made in China or of Chinese origin is worth considering, or take your partner to a Chinese restaurant for dinner is another possibility.

Another option I have heard of is buying things in twos, representing the 2nd. You could put together a whole gift box of things that come in twos like socks, underwear set (sexy or casual), salt and pepper shakers (fancy ones of course!), two packets of their favourite chocolates, gift vouchers for their two favourite golf courses for a round, two fabulous wines – you get the idea….

Did you have a favourite 2nd anniversary gift? Tell us about it!

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