Mother's Day Gift Guide


Did you know that the second Sunday in May is probably the most celebrated day for Mother’s Day across the world, but it isn’t the only date. Many other countries have their own date identified including the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, Russia, Vietnam, Bolivia, Thailand and many more.

Originally Mother’s Day was commemorated in the United States by founder Anna Jarvis and, according to Wikipedia, it was to celebrate the work of Ann Jarvis who was a peace activist during the American Civil War. Anna believed that a Mother was "the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world". And while Anna did not agree with the commercialisation of this event it has indeed become quite a tradition to buy Mothers a present, even if it is just a small gesture to say “thank you”.

From a Mother’s perspective, I really enjoy getting the handmade cards from my son. Even though he is not so little now, I still find them and have a laugh at how cute he was when he would try to write neatly and express himself. So, don’t underestimate these rituals and feel you have to buy the “perfect” card to say what you really mean.

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day vary greatly as do all the different types of mothers, but by thinking about her interests and activities she enjoys will give you some hints about what she might like. Here are a few to consider:

Fitness mums
Check the state of her yoga mat, workout clothes or running shoes. Mothers will tend to make sure everyone else is sorted and then focus on her needs. Lorna Jane Clarkson’s book is also full of inspiration that she might enjoy.

Sentimental mums
I have seen a few mothers sporting these lovely necklaces and for a family with a few siblings they are a great idea with many options and styles available. If she likes to write Kikki K has an extensive range of keepsake books, journals and pens. 

Quiet time mums
For some mums the ideal day is one where she can stay at home and curl a with an interesting book or movie (perhaps something not kid related!) complete with these personalised socks! Pair it up with some flavoured popcorn (or make your own) to make it extra special.

Fashion mums
Lots of mums love accessories, especially if they are versatile and go with different outfits. Add to her collection with a lovely silk scarf or a new pair of sunglasses. This make up bag will help her keep her cosmetics organised and easy to find.

There are literally thousands of gift ideas to consider but when all else fails, a voucher just for her to indulge will be appreciated. My recommendation? Go local and find a small boutique massage or beauty therapist. If she doesn’t like these kind of treatments, consider a voucher from her favourite café or for a night out to the movies with some friends.

And if you are watching the budget then consider something homemade. A cooked breakfast, lunch or dinner is classic, but if you are handy in the kitchen what about a high tea? A bunch of flowers from the local market and a scented candle are some other budget-friendly alternatives. 

For this gift giving occasion it definitely is a case of “the thought that counts” but give the gift some serious thought and get it right – just for Mum.

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