The gift for the person who wants “nothing”


There’s always that one person who when asked what they would like for Christmas or their birthday responds with “Nothing”. They may buy everything that they need as they want it or they just genuinely don’t want more “stuff”.

Chances are they are the last ones on your shopping list because they have given you no clue as to what to get them on Christmas Day. You might procrastinate and then end up buying chocolates, a gift card or something very generic.

This year instead of procrastinating buy something on their behalf from Good Gifts which has been set up to change people’s lives, “one gift at a time”. Based in the UK, Good Gifts has a huge selection of gift ideas for people who really need help. 

Choose from a drought survival kit to assist farmers in drought affected areas or a bamboo bike to help the midwives in Africa make their house calls. 

The website has been neatly set up and offers different collections including Gifts for Romantics, Gifts for Foodies, Gifts for Entrepreneurs - even Gifts for Knitters!

You will need the ability to pay online with a credit card but there is a variety of gifts in different price ranges. Good Gifts stand by their commitments “that every Good Gift was always wanted… and when you buy a Good Gift, your money buys the actual gift”, so give them a go today!

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