How to transform a photo into a gift


This gift quandary comes from Rebecca who asks: "How can I transform an old photo into a creative birthday gift?"

There are quite a few companies that are offering a printing service on to different mediums including Officeworks and Harvey Norman. Regular camera shops and even some chemists are also places to think about when wanting to transform a simple pic into something very special.

Nowadays you can print your image onto mugs, keyrings, coasters, jigsaw puzzles and enlarge them to feature onto canvases. So how about a cushion?

For around $50 you can have your very own personalised cushion cover! Check out Imaage Photo Giftworks' online shop who can print them for you and send them to you direct - very clever!

What about if you have an old photo that is not digital? This can be remedied by scanning the picture to your computer and saving it as a JPEG file. As long as the resolution of the image is high you should be able to get away with it.

If in doubt contact your local photo centre (as mentioned above) and seek their advice.

Good luck!

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